eduardo goytia - tango argentino

2007 US National Champion, Tango Salon


Eduardo has taught one-day, weekend and week-long workshops across a wide variety of topics in New York and abroad. Workshops are typically arranged to introduce or expand on a series of topics in sequence either related to musicality or Tango styles but can be directed toward just about any concept or topic. A series may include beginner, intermediate and advanced level classes in the various music styles including Tango Salon, Confiteria, Milonga and Vals.


A typical weekend workshop may be organized as an opening night (Friday) of private lessons and a performance at a milonga followed by 2-3 Saturday classes of 60-75 minutes each and 2-3 Sunday classes. Private lessons can be arranged for additional hours Saturday and Sunday morning and Saturday evening. Appearances at additional milongas and venues can be arranged for other days surrounding the engagement.


Eduardo's abilities as an improvisational dancer and teacher versed in principals of both lead and follow allow him to arrange to teach workshops either alone, with local teacher assistants or with a pre-arranged partner traveling with him from New York. When travelling alone, Eduardo's clear and easy leading style makes for an easy pairing with a local partner for performance. Performing either in close embrace Salon style or in a more open Nuevo style, he is well versed in making improvisational performance appear natural and/or choreographic depending on the venue and desired effect.


If you're interested in attending one of Eduardo's upcoming workshops in New York City, contact him to check upcoming availability. If you're interested in arranging special workshops, contact Eduardo directly here to arrange a consultation focused on understanding your needs and developing a program that's right for you and your Tango group.