eduardo goytia - tango argentino

2007 US National Champion, Tango Salon

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Over the years, Eduardo has had the great privilege and honor to work with a wide array of very talented performers and to share the stage with a host of wonderful dancers including some of the best names in Tango locally and abroad. Together with other talented musicians, singers, choreographers, directors, filmographers and dancers, he has helped organize, design and direct a diverse collection of show types from simple improvisational demonstrations to large stage productions. Shows can range from small, one couple, intimate engagements for weddings and group gatherings to large choreographed or improvised productions in front of packed audiences on a theater stage. There are also a wealth of other formats to suit the needs for music and arts festivals, outdoor festivals, charity events and smaller stage productions.


If you're looking to put on a production but haven't considered having Tango performers before, Eduardo can help show you how a Tango show can be a wonderfully unique presentation with great cost/benefit considerations. If you're looking to arrange a show that includes Tango performers but aren't quite sure how to best set go about it, Eduardo can help guide you through the questions and process of designing a simple performance or large production that is well suited to your needs and helps fulfill your vision. By leveraging over 20 years of project management and design experience in architecture on large, complex projects as well as 15 years of performance and teaching experience, he can help you design the best program, arrange for other performers, singers and musicians and ensure your production is a success.


For producers and directors looking to create something new or special, Eduardo is also available to discuss a wide range of unique ideas that can be either incorporated into existing productions or that are intended for new, turnkey development. Whether for stage, television or cinema, you'll find Eduardo can offer material that is creative, insightful, entertaining, well developed and ready for production. And if you're looking to expand an existing work or want to discuss a new project you're considering, you'll find Eduardo's sense of strategic vision can be a great asset to your team.


To further explore your needs for a new show, performance or production, contact Eduardo here to arrange a consultation focused on understanding your needs and developing a program that's both right for you and that helps fulfill your vision.


Some of the production projects Eduardo is currently working on independently or collaboratively for stage, television and print include:


Confessions of a Tango Heart - book

Es La Vida - musical play

For the Love of Women - stage monologue

He Said, She Said - play

I, Tango - movie

I Am - book

Truth Be Told - screenplay