eduardo goytia - tango argentino

2007 US National Champion, Tango Salon

Laure and Eduardo

Eduardo teaches privately at several studios in New York City and currently has students that have been studying with him for over 9 years. Whether as local residents or visitors to the city, lessons for individuals and couples can be arranged. Under special arrangements, private lessons can also be scheduled outside of New York City .


Eduardo's private lessons are focused and attentive, guiding students through their own individually structured growth path. Eduardo quickly zeroes in on a student's unique issues, strengths and weakness and provides exercises and concepts able to steer the student towards mastery of the core concepts they need to improve their dancing. For leads, he makes sure to include concepts of musicality and timing in the execution of figures while for follows, he expands on their opportunities for ornament, the ranges of possibilities in movement and the expression of their own voice.


Eduardo strongly believes in the continual dialogue between dancers and gives both lead and follow movements and concepts for expanding their ability to hear and communicate with one another. Overall, the goal is to achieve a clear, simple and light leading and following style which give each partner a sense of freedom while maintaining a strong and pleasant connection.


If you're in New York City and the surrounding area and are interested in improving balance, technique and the quality of your dance, contact Eduardo here to setup a lesson. If you're interested in arranging a series of private lessons with Eduardo outside of New York City, contact him via the link provided above to see if special arrangements can be made.