eduardo goytia - tango argentino

2007 US National Champion, Tango Salon


Whether it's improvising a last-minute demonstration at a milonga or executing a detailed and long-rehearsed choreography on a large stage, Eduardo is a talented, enthusiastic and entertaining performer, attentive to his partners, musical and dynamic. His improvisational style is as well suited dancing to alternative music, where he is often creative and sometimes unorthodox, as it is to traditional music where his elegance and connection with a partner demonstrate a true Tango passion as well as a healthy respect for it's origins and classic beauty. No matter what size venue or type of environment, before people who have never seen Tango before or those who have been dancing for years, Eduardo provides a performance that will be thoroughly enjoyed and enthusiastically received.


Eduardo currently works exclusively with Mayte Vicens in New York City but has been often the performance partner of choice for many visiting instructors. Together they provide a standout performance for events, parties, weddings, festivals, media, shows and stage. The dances can be either improvised (even for stage) in a true Salon style to any major form of Tango music including Tango Salon, Confiteria, Milonga, Vals, Nuevo and Alternative or they can be intricate and dramatic choreographies demonstrating the complexities of the dance, evoking elements of a story and emphasizing Tango's passion and connection.


As a part of Eduardo's prior work at Dancesport studio, he regularly partnered beginner, intermediate and advanced students in improvisational showcases and choreographed performances at many of Dancesport's student showcases and specialty gala events. Students are taught the intracacies and challenges of mastering performing in front of an audience, whether it be doing a casual improvisation or a detailed choreography. Using unorthodox creativity, hard work and a touch of flair, Eduardo and his students regularly create entertaining and interesting pieces to either traditional Tango music or non-traditional alternative music that highlight the student's achievements while giving them an opportunity to experience the joys of performing. Their performances are typically highly rated and very well received. Eduardo continues to work with select students and occasionally takes on additional students interested in growing their performance capabilities.


Eduardo also works well and collaboratively with directors and choreographers looking to create unique pieces for their shows. For a recent show at the Beacon Theater in New York City, Eduardo and his partner worked on a tight timetable with the show's choreographer Korhan Basaran to create a fusion of contemporary and ballet movement, from Korhan's extensive dance vocabulary, with traditional and nuevo performance figures from Tango. The final piece, interwoven through 4 other couples dancing modern and Tango on stage, proved to be a beautiful fulfillment of the choreographer's vision. Shortly thereafter, Eduardo worked with Madonna's choreographer to create a Tango / Salsa fusion group piece in which he and his partner were the lead Tango performers for Madonna's Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange event at New York City's Roseland Ballroom. 


If you're looking to have Tango performers either in a show or at your next event in New York City or elsewhere, contact Eduardo here to see how he can bring a fresh image and vision to your show and help make it a resounding success.