eduardo goytia - tango argentino

2007 US National Champion, Tango Salon


Eduardo regularly organizes curriculum for and teaches group classes across all levels of study and topics of Tango including Tango Salon, Confiteria, Milonga, Vals and Tango Nuevo. Some topics upcoming in studio classes and recently taught include:

  • Around the World: Advanced spins & turns
  • Your Own Beat: Alternative musicality & tango styling
  • The Inside Scoop: Ganchos for lead & follow
  • HOLD ON: Stops, pauses & endings
  • Tango Confiteria: Rhythmic Tango for the masses
  • Tango High: Hops, lifts & jumps

Eduardo's teaching style is energetic, organized, fun and thorough with topics, concepts and figures clearly explained and demonstrated. He has been described as being "hypnotic" in his approach, thoroughly engaging students with a varied mixture of humor, intellect, passion and movement that achieve results quickly. Eduardo understands and connects with multiple learning styles to bring out the best from each individual. Because of this quality, Eduardo was the regular teacher of the monthly introductory beginners course at Dancesport where students who have never danced Tango before are taken on an exploratory journey through key principals of movement in Tango. Within an hour, they come to understand and recite 5 core principals and are able to walk musically in lead and follow.


Here's what one early student of Eduardo's, Trini Regaspi, from his initial days teaching and dancing in Pittsburgh recently wrote. Trini and Sean went on to form a new Tango community, PA Tangos, focused on spread Tango to the many colleges in the city including the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University.

"Ed was a tango phenomenon who picked tango up incredibly fast, and he loved to teach and share his knowledge with others.  Ed’s commitment to tango formed the initial foundation for tango in Pittsburgh.  Shortly after he left for NYC, I found out how well he had prepared us when Sean & I went to our first tango trip (to Montreal) and had no problems in advanced workshops with Diego & Carolina.  To me, that’s one mark of a good teacher."


Eduardo's ability to command a room and student's attention was perhaps best demonstrated with a very successful one-night Tango and Swing dance engagement for the Lincoln Center's "Swing Meets Tango" event at the Manhattan Center, Hammerstein Ballroom where he and Melina Brufman conducted a 60-minute, first-time beginners class to 200+ guests before performing and appearing with Wynton Marsalis, the Lincoln Center Jazz Orcehstra and the El Arranque ensemble, direct from Argentina. Without a microphone and with the aid of several Tango assistants, Melina and Eduardo conducted a fun and engaging class in this classic ballroom space. Their work was received with resounding applause and gratitude.


Eduardo is available to teach regular group classes for children and adults from grade school level through collegiate programs. Programs can be developed for:


  • Dance Studio Adult Group Classes - Organized according to the studio session timetable (typically monthly) and levels structure

  • Seasonal and Scholastic Children's Programs - Seasonal dance intensives or arts schools programs intended to expose children to different dance forms and styles

  • Collegiate Elective Courses - Freestyle collegiate courses intended to provide healthy movement opportunities and knowledge to a wide range of students across all disciplines

  • Collegiate Core Courses - Intended primarily for dance program majors, semester and year-long courses can be organized to demonstrate and exact competency in Tango movement, history, terminology and concepts. Students can be required to demonstrate proficiency in written and movement (improvisation and choreography) exams to earn course credit


If you're interested in attending one of Eduardo's existing group classes, check the calendar at site for his upcoming schedules. If you're interested in arranging special group classes, contact Eduardo directly here to arrange a consultation focused on understanding your needs and developing a program that's right for you.