eduardo goytia - tango argentino

2007 US National Champion, Tango Salon

2006 11 30 146

Eduardo began his Tango immersion in a rather unlikely place, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he studied architecture at Carnegie Mellon University and was a practicing registered architect and project manager at one of the largest and most respected firms in the country, Perkins Eastman Architects. Thanks to the enthusiastic teaching of two early Tango aficionados, Michael Wizer (now located in Cincinnati) and Linda Jeub (Pittsburgh), both students of Danel & Maria (New York City), Eduardo, whose family has a history of involvement with classical music and who himself was a singer early on, fell in love with Tango music and was a quick study of the techniques and patterns of the dance.


When Michael relocated shortly after Eduardo began studying, Linda and Eduardo joined forces to continue growing the budding Tango community. Together, they taught newcomers and early beginners and with the aid of other avid Tango lovers, they helped form the "Pittsburgh Tangueros", a group devoted to evolving Tango in the city; Eduardo's love for the dance and passion for teaching helped inspire and grow the community and helped solidify Tango's presence in the city. The group continues today to sponsor and conduct classes, events and milongas in Pittsburgh.


In 1999, Eduardo moved back to his home city of New York to help lead larger and more strategic projects for Perkins Eastman and to become further involved in the dance. He quickly became part of the New York Tango community by being recruited to develop and teach an advanced level curriculum for the Sandra Cameron Dance Center. Since that time, Eduardo has continued to teach classes, workshops and privates, occasionally taking breaks from regularly scheduled studio classes to devote additional needed effort to his architecture profession. Throughout this time, Eduardo has been honored to partner with, perform with and work with some of the best-known dancers and teachers in NYC including Valeria Solomonoff, Carina Moeller, Heather Gehring, Maria Jose Sosa, Mayte Vicens, Eva Carroza, Leslie Whitesell, Sandra Buratti and Cyrena Drusine. He has also been invited to perform and teach with many visiting teachers and performers including Melina Brufman, Luciana Pedraza, Vivianna Parra, Rachel Greenberg, Paola Bordon and Monica Paz.


Over the years, Eduardo has had the privilege of studying with some of the best teachers and coaches in the world both privately and in group classes.  While he has taken occasional workshops with most of the top names from Argentina, those with whom he has studied most and privately include:


  • Junior Cervila
  • Jorge Torres
  • Olvaldo Zotto & Lorena Ermocida
  • Miguel Zotto & Milena Plebs
  • Jorge Firpo & Aurora Lubiz
  • Nito & Elba
  • Diego DiFalco
  • Facundo Posadas
  • Pablo Veron
  • Danel & Maria
  • Omar Vega


Today, Eduardo is actively engaged in several projects including his architecture career and developing a number of creative and business initiatives including several plays, books, and photography as well as growing his teaching and performance portfolio. For Tango, Eduardo is currently teaching privately and group classes through TriANGulO in NYC. He can also be found teaching specialty workshops around the Tri-State area including, most recently, at NYU, where he assisted Valeria Solomonoff in teaching Tango and choreography to theater/acting students.